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Visit us at 51-53 Chigwell Rd, London, E18 1NG

Warmup StickyMat Underfloor Heating System 200W/m² - 1.5m²

by Warmup
Original price £104.00 - Original price £629.00
Original price
£104.00 - £629.00
Current price £104.00
Warmup 200W/m2 StickyMat Underfloor Heating System

The StickyMat System is an electric underfloor heating mat that provides an energy-efficient heating solution for your home. Featuring a 1.8mm heating wire ready-spaced for optimal heat output on to pre-sized mats available in multiple sizes.

The system offers a greener way to heat your home as it requires much less energy to reach optimal comfort temperatures than traditional centrally-heated radiators. It is extremely quick and easy to install by your electrician and offers great value for money.

The StickyMat System is ideal for installations within regularly shaped areas, where the 0.5m wide mats can be quickly rolled out across the floor in parallel runs.

The StickyMat system can be used with all floor types compatible with underfloor heating whether you are choosing laminate flooring, vinyl, carpet, tiles or other. The compatibility with all floor coverings and the fact that StickyMat does not visibly raise your floor height makes it the ideal system for refurbishment projects – just remember to double check with your flooring supplier that the floor type you want to go for is compatible with the StickyMat System.

Product Details
  • Operating voltage: 230V: 50Hz
  • Width: 500mm (0.5 metre)
  • Mat thickness: 3mm
  • Inner/Outer wire insulation: advanced fluoropolymer
  • Output rating: 150W/m2
  • Single 3m long ‘cold tail’ connection lead
  • Approvals: BEAB
  • European compliant and CE marked
Size: To Cover 1.5m ² £104.00